CDs: Asan Aslam & Noah Will  AD/CW: Jon Cochran & Brian Pluta

AWARDS:  Winner Cannes Lion   /   Winner Effies   /   SHOOT Magazine #2 Viral Song of the Year

How do you get guys from Europe and South America to shave parts of their body that isn't their face? That was the challenge. Do you use rollerblading sumo wrestlers (this very nearly happened, I've got boards to prove it), or how about Zach Galifianakis shaving around a fantastical third nipple? Nah, you start by creating an EDM track, then, you get a couple of DJs from Europe to remix it, then you take a sport, like synchronized swimming, where you're almost naked, and you slam the two together into a trippy music video and let the people of the internet take care of the rest. All of this resulted in body razors being sold out all over Europe and the song even got stuck in enough heads that it to, enjoyed modest success on SoundCloud.