I just wanna
make cool shit.

I started my career in a pretty unconventional way. Just like my copywriting partner, Brian, I too never went to ad school. I didn't have a fancy portfolio coming out of school. Just a handful of website and design projects to my name. But I got lucky and landed a job in motion graphics and digital design. From that experience I learned the importance of craft. I live to make things. It doesn't matter what medium...if it's a cool idea, I want to make it. 13 years in and I've been lucky enough to work on some really cool work for some really cool brands like BMW, Rolls-Royce, PUMA, Nintendo, NFL, and Gillette.

For the past 9 years I've been at Grey, 7 of which have been on the Gillette team (if it wasn't already noticeable from the current work in my portfolio).  As one of the longest tenured creatives on the Gillette team I've gotten to lead shoots for high-profile partnerships, been the steward of global visual identity, spent 7 months co-creating and developing Gillette's "We Believe" anthem, and got to create and direct a short-film series for the Gillette TREO, a razor designed for caregivers. Oh yeah, and we won some awards too.


Got something cool for me to make? Hit me up.